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Security Guard

Security guard service in Bangladesh

We provide a Security guard service in Bangladesh. Our Security guardsmen are skilled. They have been trained before hiring. They always try to provide their best. Our guardsmen are 24/7 ready for a given service of clients. Our service 24/7 Opened. Our goal is to achieve customer satisfaction with maximum service. For that, the care force company is the most popular Security company in Bangladesh.

CARE FORCE BD takes great pride in manned security provided by our professional security personnel. With skills and knowledge enhanced by rigorous training, our service quality is supplemented with the appliance of technology and structured levels of supervision.

From the initial screening and selection of security officers to the simplest in-school training programs, CARE FORCE Security guard company is fully prepared to anticipate and meet the foremost stringent security requirements.

A Security Officer on-site responsible for safety action. Employees are learned to treat your client with respect and reverence. The Security cane will apprise with you and your cane effectively to form out the goal of getting a secure work condition.

What is a security guard service?

A security guard is someone who patrols and inspects residential or commercial property against fire, theft, vandalism, terrorism, and criminality. They also monitor people and buildings in an attempt to stop crime. In a nutshell, they keep your property, your people, and your assets safe from threat.

Security guards are careful to look for anything out of the ordinary during their entire shift. In an emergency, guards will call the police, fire, or ambulance services to help protect you from the risk of death.

Why do you need a security guard service?

People who are older and can't find a job are being hired as security guards in their homes and neighborhoods. Even if they have no experience or training, they are being recruited only because they have a previous acquaintance and have to pay less.

These elderly security guards are also failing to perform their duties due to the complaints of the residents of the house, lack of physical ability, and proper knowledge to provide security.

Besides, they are often attacked by drug addicts and snatchers. However, in elite areas, private security providers have security guards. Most of whom are trained. They have training arrangements even after recruitment. 

Part of a security guard service job is to supply monitoring services for property owners ensuring a secure environment and stop the violence. A watchman plays many various roles, but his primary duty is to stop crime. The presence of a watchman on the premises often is a deterrent to potential lawbreakers. Our security guards add public and personal buildings, also as retail and wholesale buildings.

Hiring a security guardsman has many benefits to all or any aspects of your business. At CARE FORCE Security our skilled security guards are experienced, mature, and professional with extensive backgrounds concerning the safety industry. Security guards provide a clear deterrent to criminals and professional protection for your assets. a person or business can enjoy a watchman. Malls and shopping centers are excellent candidates for a watchman to patrol.

These areas are often targets for car theft, robbery, muggings, vandalism, or other crimes. Having security guards on-site can significantly deter these crimes from happening. Our security guards are highly trained to assist prevent these crimes from happening. Large events also are a superb place to possess security personnel that's prominently visible. Events are often concerts, weddings, conferences, sporting events. Our security guards will make sure that your event runs smoothly and security concerns addressed.

Our security guard service includes:

  • Event Security Management
  •  Traffic Controlling
  •  Sea/River Escorts
  •  Communication Tower Security
  •  Due Diligence & Compliance Monitoring
  •  Auxiliary Services
  •  Fire-fighting
  •  Security Survey
  •  Relief Operation
  •  Supervisors, Body Guards & Escorts
  •  Remote Area Operations
  •  Female Security personnel
  •  Security Training
  •  Background Screening
  •  Crisis Management & Risk Assessment
  •  ATM Management Services

How can we help you?

Workplace violence and active shooter scenarios are serious issues that will not be ignored. Employee morale and productivity are often directly influenced by the acts of 1 disgruntled employee. As employers attempt to maintain a secure environment there's always an opportunity of retaliation from a recently fired or terminated employee. one of the most areas where our trained guards shine is in providing employee termination security services.

With Fast Guard Service you don’t need to let a disgruntled employee destroy your store or disrupt the performance of your current workforce. By hiring Fast Guard, you'll prevent workplace violence and active shooter situations. Our highly trained team can help protect your employees and business. Fast Guard can provide help with all the subsequent employee termination solutions:

  • High-Risk Employee Escorting
  • Employee Investigations
  • Employee Termination Checklist
  • Active Shooter Training and Response

Why choose us?

We provide one of the best Security guard services in Bangladesh. Our Security guard men are skilled. They are not weak like old people. They always try to provide their best. They loved work. The security guards are very intelligent. They have been trained before hiring. They are always ready to protect their client. We have a security guard training school, where security guards learn how to protect clients and client property. So  CARE FORCE Security company in Bangladesh is the most popular.

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